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Please take note that it is crucial to read and thoroughly understand the terms provided before proceeding with our enrollment process. Understanding the terms and conditions ensures that you are fully aware of your rights, obligations, and the policies that govern the enrollment process. By reading and comprehending the terms carefully, you can make informed decisions and avoid any misunderstandings or issues in the future.

Referral Process and Apprenticeship Program Summary:

1) All referrals must first complete either a Life Skills or Literacy Class before being eligible to enter the Apprenticeship Program.

2) The Apprenticeship Program spans fifteen (15) weeks to two (2) years and equips trainees with fundamental entry-level mechanic skills.

3) During this program, instructors assess the trainees’ aptitude and interest to determine their suitability for the full Apprenticeship Program.

4) Additionally, the program allows students to explore whether a career in the automotive industry aligns with their aspirations.

5) Some students may discover that the apprenticeship program is not their true interest after starting.


Apprenticeship Program Completion:

6) The Apprenticeship Program represents the final stage of training.

7) Upon successful completion, graduates receive a Department of Labor Certification and Certificate from Hogg’s Automotive Training Academy.

Enrollment Dates: TBD.
  1. Enrollment Details:
  •        Enrollees aged 17 and above will be enrolled during even-numbered months on quarterly dates, separate from the adult cohort.
  •        Enrollees over 21 will be enrolled during odd-numbered months, also on quarterly dates, distinct from the younger teenagers.
  1. Tools and Uniforms:
  •       While tools and uniforms are provided, the tools remain on-site until the student graduates.
  •       This stipulation ensures that students secure employment upon graduation or continue with the apprenticeship program, while also preventing premature tool sales.
  1. Attendance and Participation:
  •       Enrollees are expected to attend 32 to 40 hours per week.
  •       Participation in the Life Skills class is mandatory, including successful completion and passing a drug test.
  •       Weekly participation in both classroom and workshop hours is required.
  1. Job Placement:
  •       HATA emphasizes job placement as a crucial component of the program.
  •       The reported placement rate is 86%.
  •       HATA aims to place apprentices in businesses that facilitate skill acquisition toward obtaining their ASE Certification.
  •       Upon successful completion of a probationary period with their employer, students are provided with tools, uniforms, and a certificate that includes current employer information. This certificate, endorsed by Hogg’s Automotive Training Academy, along with the US Department of Labor Certificate, holds validity throughout the United States
Enrollment Dates: OPEN

        Enrollment dates: Open

    • All enrollees will be covered under DOL. (Must be 17 years or older to enroll).
    • All enrollees must first go through the pre-apprenticeship program prior to this program with a few exceptions. Exception: Presents with own tools and advanced knowledge. (Evaluation/Survey will be provided to determine knowledge of student. If a student shows skills, knowledge, and abilities, they can proceed to the apprenticeship program with their own tools. Uniform will be provided).
    • Students will acquire knowledge to test for their ASE Certification through this program.
    • 32-40 hours of weekly attendance (classroom/workshop)
    • Daily Living Skills are also included in the classroom training as an added component to assist those who have had difficulty with job retention, social skills, grooming, team playing, etc. The focus is upon developing the individual to be successful in “life” skills as well as mechanical skills, upon graduating from the program. Paid wages are $15.00 per hour, Commission and/or Flat rate. (with potential to increase in pay after benchmarks are met)
    • Job Placement is a component of this program. HATA placement rate is reported at 86%.
    • Students graduate with a Department of Labor Apprenticeship Certificate upon graduating from program.

       Referral Process: 

    • Complete the HATA Referral Form/Application Packets and submit to contact identified on the forms.
    • Aptitude Test 
    • Fees: Background and Drug Test